3 in 1 Portable Travel Charger

$39.95 $29.95

Charge your Apple Watch, iPhone and AirPods with one device on the go with our portable battery charger


The 3 IN 1 Portable Travel Charger is the power bank you have always wished for but never existed, until now. No more bringing an extra charging cable with your power bank, this is the only device you ever need. Charge your iPhone, Apple Watch and Airpods with on device. Plug the charger in and charge your devices using only one outlet! Amazing!

  • At a glance:
  • 5200mAh Battery Capacity
  • Built-in Wireless Charing for Apple Watch
  • LED Lights for Power Levels
  • USB Charging for Connecting Phone Charger Cable (not included)
  • Airpod Wireless Charging Bay
  • Size:120*43*31mm
  • Weight:160g
  • Material:Aluminum+Abs
  • Charge 3 devices at once